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Dodgers vs. Giants Game Highlights (8/4/22) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Giants full sport highlights from 8/4/22

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28 thoughts on “Dodgers vs. Giants Game Highlights (8/4/22) | MLB Highlights

  1. the team who said they would run the score up on teams has a problem with hit celebration? haha, hypocrites.

  2. you mocking the best team who just beat u 8 straight? that looks stupid. no name player trips hard.

  3. This ain't even a rivalry anymore.. Giants in our league but not on our level. Guess the Padres will have to do. Los Slam-geles vs. Slam Diego

  4. Dodgers just too good this year. GIANTS fell back to ground level after last season. Not enough pitching strength in rotation. Maybe they should have kept Gausman.

  5. How much of a KOOK you look like after your wannabe taunt Garcia!! Please keep doing that though!!!!! We'll keep sending it every time.Go Blue

  6. As a Yankee fan, I just came in to check up on Gallo. I hope he does great, and I hope his hit sparks some more confidence

  7. Yeah, idk about Gallo. Not really understanding why the front office chose to snag him from NY.

  8. Garcia is just upset to see the dodgers are going to make the playoffs and he’s going to be watching it on tv like everyone else lol

  9. L that giants manager that got ejected THATS RIGHT GET OUT OF HERE WE OWN SF

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