Kanye West Replies Snoop Dogg After Claiming Drake Slept With Kim Kardashian

Kanye Replies Snoop Dogg might sound a little bit weird to you i know, that is if you did not hear the allegation earlier on from Snoop Claiming that Drake slept with Kim Kardashian. Well it happened and Ye had a sweet reply for Snoop Dogg.

Kanye West is practicing what he preaches. West has been in the hot seat for implying that someone like Donald Trump deserves to be hit with love, not hate. His love for Trump has made him an enemy of those that claim to guard the gates of Black culture. While West’s MAGA hat tactics, and his questionable comments about slavery, are far from coherent, at least he’s sticking to his newfound love-fueled persona.

Snoop Dogg has been coming for Kanye West ever since the latter first donned the MAGA hat. Snoop has kept audiences laughing with his barbs at West, as he compared the G.O.O.D. Music creator to Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out. His insults continued last week, when he posted a video to Instagram claiming that he finally understands why West is mad at Drake. “I just found out who Kiki was,” gloated Snoop in the video. “Kiki is your bitch! That’s why you’re so mad… Drake put d*ck in your b*tch,” he continued.

This is the moment where West’s “love prevails” image was truly tested. Taking shots at a man’s wife can lead to disastrous results, and West has been faced with criticism of his relationship for years. Still, Yeezy chose to react with love, sharing an image of himself rocking a t-shirt that features a young Snoop. “All love,” he wrote as the caption for the picture.

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