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KFC Debunks Story About Client Getting Free Food For A Year: Report

Viral tales generally tend to omit the fact-checking course of. In the digital age, tales unfold like wildfire and the one factor required is just a few retweets right here and there for the world to learn about it. As such, a story surrounding finger-licking good KFC unfold by means of Twitter. The latter consisted of a South African scholar, who claimed to have allegedly conned KFC out of free meals for a yr. Precisely, the coed alleges he was capable of efficiently idiot quite a few areas of the chicken-frying franchise into believing he was a top quality inspector employed by its headquarters. Evidently, social media took that story, ran and totally loved flaming KFC to burnt bits. Moreover, the story unfold so far as CBS News

Moses Robinson/Getty Images

Since then, KFC has come ahead to debunk the story. A spokesperson confirmed in an announcement that the story was purely fabricated. The firm’s “strict operational processes” would have by no means allowed it to occur. Furthermore, the communique provides: “Any unauthorized individuals posing as KFC team members in our restaurants and head office would have been picked up immediately.” KFC additionally shared the information through social media, in a sequence of tweets which denounced the story as faux. 

Hence, the ethical of the story is: do not at all times imagine what you see on social media.


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