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Nationals vs. Phillies Game Highlights (8/4/22) | MLB Highlights

Nationals vs. Phillies full recreation highlights from 8/4/22

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29 thoughts on “Nationals vs. Phillies Game Highlights (8/4/22) | MLB Highlights

  1. We're not going anywhere in the playoffs with Syndergaard. Dude is absolutely roasted.

  2. Well a win is a win good job by the Phils Rhys tying the game twice first with the solo shot and then the RBI single Bohm with the 3 run homer was awesome Thor struggled a little bit but I think once he gets more comfortable with the team and his teammates he’ll bounce back and great throw by Castellanos saving a run and ending the inning all in all great win for the boys I wish it was a full game but it is what it is

  3. did the rain help Philadelphia? or did it give Washington a chance to lose with dignity?

  4. Phillies got REAL lucky. Noah had to call upon Zeus for a solid 🤞

  5. I thought they usually finished games the next day before the next game as a double header

  6. I'm 45 years old. Been a Phillies phan my whole life. Thinking of changing teams. Traded my man Mickey Moniak. Never gave the dude a chance.

  7. Geez Bohm has been raking lately my goodness. Syndergaard is a shell of himself, throwing batting practice giving up 11 hits in 5 innings to the Nats 😂😂😂😂 Better hope you can duck the Mets the rest of the season like you did in Anaheim

  8. I don't care if Syndergaard struggled, still cool to see him in a Phillies uniform

  9. You better pray for rain the way Syndergaard was pitching. Trade him to the Mets for Showalter.

  10. Thor got into some trouble, so he called down the thunder and lighting and ended the game while the Phillies were still ahead. 😂🌩

  11. Disappointing debut from Syndergaard but hey, the Phillies still won. Offense came up big time, specifically Hoskins and Bohm.

  12. idk how the youtube team did it but this game was half the innings it normally is and somehow its still over 7 minutes long. props

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