Morgan Spurlock On The Super Size #MeToo Life Lessons Learned After His Voluntary Trip Down The Rabbit Hole

When Super Size Me drew an Oscar nom and blew a lid off of how fast food franchises were fattening America, Morgan Spurlock became that rare celebrity documentary filmmaker, as identifiable in his first-person films as Michael Moore is in his. Spurlock got there by eating so much fast food that his skin greyed, his […]

Week 4 Fantasy QB Rankings

It’s already been a weird year for quarterbacks — well, not Patrick Mahomes, but other, mortal quarterbacks. It’s not all that shocking to see Lamar Jackson and Dak Prescott in the top three of our Week 4 fantasy QB rankings, but Baker Mayfield in the middle of the pack? Kirk Cousins barely playable in two-QB […]

Baseball Voices: Dodgers play-by-play man Joe Davis on his path to L.A., taking over for Vin Scully, and football

If Joe Davis had stayed healthy and become a productive college quarterback, chances are the Dodgers would have someone completely different calling their baseball games. The torch would have been passed from legend Vin Scully to someone who probably wouldn’t have been nearly as good a fit as Davis.  But Davis was neither healthy nor […]

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