Rihanna Is “Flattered” that Drake Wanted To Start A Family With Her

Rihanna is said to be flattered by the statement Drake made a while ago that he really wanted to start a family with her back then when they were dating.

Drake opened up about his feeling about Riri on HBO’s The Shop, saying that he had desired to start a family with her back in the day. Fans have wondered how Riri received his comments, considering how she had previously spoken about their affair.

Rihanna is said to be “flattered”, according to an insider. They told HollywoodLife that “for a brief time, she wanted that with him too.

“In a way she feels sad about what could have been between them but she also feels kinda mad, too. Rih feels like Drake had a chance to have it all with her and he blew it, and now she is left to think about what could have been.”

Unsurprisingly, the source affirms that Rihana is over it.

“Rihanna has moved on and she doesn’t really feel that way anymore about him, but the latest comments did get Rihanna thinking maybe one day, if the timing was right, maybe they could get married and make gorgeous babies together after all.”

These statements, if at all true, are probably filtered through stanship for the past romantic link. Rihanna is infamous in her independence and it is doubtful she takes time out of her busy schedule to think about Adonis’ father.

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