Shatta Wale Finally Hints Of a Reply To Sarkodie

Shatta Wale has been the most trending name in Ghana for the past two consecutive weeks not just because of his REIGN Album which was launched last night but also because of unfortunate events regarding him and a couple of Ghanaian artist who threw shots at him in a series of songs for reasons known to themselves ( Something we don’t really want to talk about)

The first i heard was from Hiplife artist Kwaw Kesse who threw the first shot disrespecting Shatta Wale with his mouth(we don’t want to go there)

Then followed the shocker, Sarkodie who titled his diss song “ADVICE” which was indeed lyrically tight and surprisingly received a lot of thumbs up from his fellow rappers in the game. As to whether that was really an advice or a warning, we leave that debate for another day.

A lot of people might say , well more than Shatta deserves it because he himself is a fan at throwing unnecessary shots at a lot of musicians in Ghana and even elsewhere in Africa.

For the first time however, it looked almost as if Shatta Wale had been silenced by an Artist, well, some of is never really thought so, knowing perfectly what champion has been capable of doing in the past years with reference to people who find themselves at his “BAD SIDE”

Whats the Hint from Shatta Wale?

Just in case you did not know, Shatta is a master planner when it comes to beef songs. The only person in Ghana who seems to have been able to handle Shatta Wale in an interesting manner is yours truly “YAA PONO” with his “Gbee Nabu” track.With my fingers crossed, for almost a week, i woke up to a tweet this morning from Shatta the Wale….hehehe

And the tweet goes like this …..

Career killer is back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚just woke up .. what happen yesterday was Gods plan …Thank you shatta movement for the love and support . .. watch out for my S-U-C-K..S-E-X MIXTAPE πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Check out below the tweet from Shatta Wale and make your own judgement


Did you see that?

Shatta Wale was definitely in his elements as one of the smartest musicians i have ever seen. The tweet is deliciously teasing to his fans and quite a little scary to the fans of Sarkodie ( even though they will disagree)

We all know Sarkodie owns Sarkcess Music right? Good… now you can scroll back up and study the tweet very well. Check how he wrote Sarkcess in his own way “SUCKCESS”. Shatta Wale was simply saying well, get ready for my Sarkcess Mixtape or simply put get ready for my reply to Sarkodie. Olala!!

This is mouth watering for Entertainment and the industry( my own opinion though). I believe in one thing, it is during beef that we see the best out of our artists which is great for the game. ( only of the acts understand the game well enough to keep their cool)
We promise you to keep you updated as time goes by on this development.

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