Sinead Harnett Drops Off “Lessons In Love” Debut Album


At long last, Sinead Harnett has rolled out her debut album, delivering on her Lessons In Love creation.

The new effort finishes up with 12 tracks that include the previously-released “Leo bear” and Gallant-assisted “Pulling way.”

“The more I love, the more I learn about its magic, its importance and its lessons,” Harnett last told Complex in August. “In every song, there is a lesson. But most importantly, in every song, there is love. I never planned the way this album would take shape and I didn’t know the title or concept until I’d chosen the songs. Up until now, I hadn’t even realized what my purpose is as a writer. But now, standing in front of this project I see that I’ve done everything out of love.”

Listen to Lessons In Love below.

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