US President Donald Trump Cracks a Joke About Cristiano Ronaldo But…..

President Donald Trump broke a joke about Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo running for president against officeholder Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who reacted by saying that Portugal “is in no way like the US”.

What began off as an easygoing discussion on Wednesday about the World Cup amongst Trump and Rebelo de Sousa, who is on an official visit in Washington, uncovered the unmistakable difference between their political societies, Efe news announced.

Donald Trump ‘s Joke About Cristiano Ronaldo Certainly fell Flat

In his first respective gathering with Trump, Rebelo de Sousa exchanged words that when Trump would talk World Cup in his up and coming summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he ought not neglect to say that “Portugal is still there and plans to win… ”

US President Donald Trump Cracks a Joke About Cristiano Ronaldo But
US President Donald Trump and Portuguese President Rebelo de Sousa

“Remember that Portugal has the best player in the world who is called Cristiano Ronaldo,” Rebelo de Sousa told Trump in the White House.

Trump perceived that Portugal for sure was “doing” and asked his partner “how great a player” Ronaldo was.

At the point when Rebelo de Sousa said Ronaldo was “the best player in the world”, Trump asked “so will Cristiano at any point keep running for President against you?”

As his Portuguese partner considered on a reaction, Trump guaranteed him that “Cristiano wouldn’t win, you know he won’t”.

At this Rebelo de Sousa turned and said “President, you know — you know something — I should let you know, Portugal isn’t care for the US. It’s somewhat unique.”

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